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Today we came back from two nights and three days of great Zimmer vacation in Amirim, a moshav in Merom HaGalil Regional Council in Israel, unique in being populated only by vegetarians and vegans. We don’t travel a lot and the pregnancy didn’t helped on this matter so it was the first time we left home since Carmel was born. Thus, the three of us were very happy to come back home. Yet, for some reason we simply couldn’t get in. It was just as if someone lock the door from the inside using the doornail…

After a few seconds of confusion we took a walk around the garden and came back from the back yard. How amazed were we when we discovered the lock of the large aluminum at the back is broken, just like th rest of our house. Burglars!! everything was taken out of the closets and thrown on the floor, mud all over the place and most important: both of our workstation screens were gone.

This event must change our entire security perception. We are going to learn exactly what happened make a plan and implement many new measurements. It must not happen again, at least not in the same or in a similar manner.


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