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outside at the local post office

I went outside today. the local post office. I think the last time I was out of home was exactly 10 days ago. Yes. Friday, June 15. went out to Ikea. Anyway while i was waiting at the line i noticed this crashed Windows blue screen. I have been using the services of this post office branch at Even Yehuda for almost five years now. I am almost positive this blue screen was there from day one. I never saw it in any other condition.

It reminds me of a recent story Nitsi and I read a while ago in TheMarker about this new software system the Israeli Social Security Institute was developing for 7 years and with the cost of over 30 Million NIS (more than 7 million$) before its “brave” manager, Dr. Igal Ben-Shalom, decided to cancel the whole thing because (freely translated from Hebrew) “the system is not mature yet and there is still a lot of work to be done before it can be integrated”. If you can read Hebrew, follow up on this short news item published on Haaretz. You need to see it to believe it.

BTW, The Aluminum man came again today. did some of the work but as something always has to be left for next time he said he has to take of some parts of the windows, take them to his factory, install the new nets, and then come back to re-install in the house.


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