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happy 30 bro

There are 8 years and 25 days (2945 days overall) on the timeline between us. We had good times and bad times but we always manage keeping ourselves close to each other somehow. Sometimes too close i should say, but thats how it goes with brothers. have no idea about sisters as i never have had one but i know perfect balance is only achieved in dreams or in mathematical models. Not in any living one.

Anyways, now, approx. 6 months after he is gone to Cambridge UK doing triangles and other vectors made of tiny four character DNA bits, we all miss him here. part of the puzzle just seems to be missing and the quietness is sometimes… too quiet. More than we all miss him over here in the holly land, however, we are proud of him taking that step and going all the way with what he is so good at. Staying away from mom’s food – especially the roast beef – is not an easy task, believe me. Suffering this zero degrees weather combined with what I hear about the British hot water systems, are not easy tasks to cope with either. I am sure all those little things that simply make you feel away from home probably look much larger than they really are, brother. you are 30 and that’s fantastic.

My dear bro, as most things about how human DNA really makes us different from each other are still kept secret by nature, humanity needs you to keep on doing whatever it is he is doing there. Maybe you can take this stage to explain us what it is exactly. Oh. the above picture was sketched by Nitsi, of course. we thought it might make you happy with your new age.

Welcome to the 4th decade dude.


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