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Chinese mobile phone batteries explode

China have been popping up a lot lately with various defective products and product recalls. we red about pet food recall, recalled poisoner toothpastes, poisonous toys, we had major car company under pressure to recall its products because there is danger of the tire treads separating and more examples of how low-cost products can turn into high-cost ones very quickly.

If you read this blog (of course you are, what am I saying here?) you must know I make regular use of a Motorola RAZR V3X phone. As a result of this fact I was pretty much interested with this recent news item about how we now also have mobile phone batteries joining this defect spectacle show. Now mobile phone batteries are exploding and killing people for real and in tests! isn’t it nice?

Apparently, an exploding cell phone caused the death of Chinese welder Xiao Jinpeng, who used to be working at Yingpan Iron Ore Dressing Plant in Gansu’s Jinta county. As far as I know, apart from the famous January 5, 1996 assassination of Yehiya Ayyash also known as “the engineer” (at that time the leading Hamas bomb expert) which was part of someone’s plans, this is probably the first case in which an exploding mobile phone actually kills a man. The battery in the deceased Motorola cell phone exploded in his shirt pocket. According to IntoMobile – a website dedicated news and buzz in the world of mobile technology:

  • The explosion was linked to high-temperatures in the plant, according to colleagues – that must have been some crazy-hot work environment.
  • The fatal battery failure took place on June 19 and resulted in Xiao’s death on July 4th.
  • The battery explosion broke the welder’s ribs and fragments of the casing pierced his heart.
  • Authorities are investigating the incident – particularly whether or not the man was using an authentic Motorola phone and genuine Motorola battery
  • If the device turns out to be a bona fide Motorola product, the embattled mobile phone manufacturer could be in for some fun times.

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