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The first International Conceptis member gathering

Well, it really happened and there is a short video and some pictures to prove it… On the evening July 12, 2007, in our home garden in the small country side village of Kfar Netter, the first International Conceptis member gathering took place.

Approximately 20 “Conceptised” workers and website members from Finland and Israel as well as some friends and family had the pleasure of meeting each other, having a few snacks, drinking some good Israeli wine and mainly talking about puzzles, dreams and the future of Conceptis. To me it seems that everyone had great fun (I guess we’ll still see about that…) and it might even be that one or two very interesting operational ideas came up.

View, enjoy and… don’t forget to comment! Stay tuned as full report will follow.


One Response to “The first International Conceptis member gathering”

  1. Thank you so much Gil for hosting this event 🙂
    I had a really great time and it was fantastic to finally meet all those people who have been virtual until now.

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