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Barry Sonnenfeld’s adaptation to DeLillo’s White Noise "appears to have ceased"

For quite some time, actually since I red it about ten years ago, I’ve been waiting for a proper film adaptation for Don DeLillo’s White Noise, a comic novel about an “airborne toxic event” and its impact on a college town.

About three years ago I happened to found out that a film adaptation by Barry Sonnenfeld‘s (Men in Black 1997; Director, Get Shorty 1995; Director ; Executive Producer) was scheduled to be released in 2006. I bookmarked the page on IMDB and came back to check for news every once in a while but then work on Conceptis’ new website left very little time for movies and I forgot about it until today, when I found out that the movie page on IMDB has been removed… ??!!!

Checking at the novel page on Wikipedia I discovered that sadly the pre-production “appears to have ceased as of the fall of 2006” and the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) has indeed “removed all references to this movie”. What a bummer!! Mr. Sonnenfeld. you really let me down this time. I guess I’ll have to settled with buying a new copy of the book and watch Game 6 again – a DeLillo’s novel which did manage to find its way to the screen.

More about White Noise

  • Author: Don DeLillo
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Genre(s): Novel
  • Publisher: Viking Adult
  • Publication date: 21 Jan 1985
  • Media type: Print (Hardback & Paperback)
  • Pages: 326 pp (hardback first edition)
  • ISBN: 0-670-80373-1


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