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Neo-Dada montage projects

It has been quite a while since i said anything about Carmel and all of you must be very curious to know how she is doing. Well, she is doing just fine and every day there is a new trick. Some of the tricks – like coming back from the kinder garden with a load full of Neo-Dada montage projects – are common, yet always so beautiful! I just HAD to take this short video yesterday during the afternoon break and show them to you:

OK, I admit she didn’t do all that on her own – this one for example was done with some help from Nitsi – but still: aren’t they spectacular? you can clearly see how her mother is a talented art-director. There are also fully-textured high-res stills in this new PicasaWeb album to prove that if you are interested. I think I am going to post more of those as they come to this album.


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