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In the pre-web2.0 era, when there were very few and limited options for people to share their media with each other, they were simply sending their “good stuff” in email message attachments. It was horrible, but it worked. Although most of the stuff you got was quite a b.s. some of it was nice.

I remember getting this clip to my email within one of Chuck’s huge chainlist messages he used to run around 2003. It was rude, loaded with chauvinistic “nuances”, very homophobic and mostly making fun of the “feminist male” type of person. It’s actually quite hard to name the reasons why would any of us like watching this kind of humor vids (I might try doing so in one of my next posts but please tell me I didn’t have to write that…). It is obviously very far from the true thoughts and believes about human relationships most of us normal human beings have, yet Nitsi and I both liked it. We actually loved it so much it has been quoted among us about a million times.

As somehow I managed to exclude it from the backups this video became kind of a private family myth. Something that keeps coming up as part as a “culture item”. I tried searching for it a few times, including on Youtube, but nothing came up or i guess i just didn’t try hard enough. So, to make a long story short:

This morning I spend some time looking for this when Nitsi took Carmel to her parents’ swimming pool and found it on two websites. One of them looks a bit creepy so I won’t suggest it as a main address but just in case something happens to the following, brought to you here directly from a cool looking German video site named


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