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Yes, ANOTHER party

Just a while ago I told you about how few parties we usually have in our house quite. Well, since I said that we seem to have quite many of them all of the sudden. As we always keep our promises here, we had most of our close family over here yesterday evening, partying and celebrating Carmel’s second birthday, though in two weeks late (She turned 2 same day we were too busy having this Conceptis event)

Anyway, now this party is behind us and our little girl is already on the run for her third B day. Can you believe this? Our daughter is two years old. As can clearly be seen in her graduation party video I published yesterday, Carmel is well integrated in to the rest of the toddler bunch, even though most of them are older than her by one year, which is quite a lot when you are two years old.

This video has two parts: The first part (also seen at the top of this post) starts with the late preparations after my parents came and ends with the candle cake ceremony. The second part was filmed by Zemah and shows the “after party” with the cake and everyone full of wine and joy.


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