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New logic puzzle platform:

One of my favorite puzzle bloggers (thanks Thomas!) posted earlier this month about this new “online platform for people who like logic puzzles” called PuzzlePicnic. Other than Sudoku and kakuro the site offers a nice selection of logic puzzles: Battleships, Archipelago, Tents and Trees, Master Mind, Cogwheels, Easy as ABC, Spokes, Fences, Pathfinder, Panorama, Neighbours and Spiral Galaxies.

Other than straight forward puzzling on a Java based platform says its also “a place where puzzle solvers and puzzle makers meet, entertain and challenge one another”. Perhaps within the new spirit of the web2.0 trend, the site aims to become a “platform for people who like to design their own puzzles and get them published online”. I wonder if this can really happen.

Johan de Ruiter is the “mental father of the project” and “the creative mind of the team”. With an interest for logic puzzles “ever since his childhood” de Ruiter is claimed to have participated six times in the Dutch National Puzzle Championships (check out on kostunix if you don’t know this championship and are not Dutch) with best ranking being 22nd.

According to the website de Ruiter’s cogwheels puzzles appear regularly in Breinbrekers, a Dutch logic puzzle magazine. In addition one of his puzzles was featured on the World Puzzle Championships hosted by the Netherlands in 2003. de Ruiter also seems to be running this nice “brains” blog

Other people involved in the new site are Maarten Löffler, a computer scientist and mathematician, and Thierry de Kok, a java programmer. Lets wish them good luck!


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