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Mobile Media: not just the new kid on the Internet block

Appearance of European popular prints is usually referred to the beginning of the 15th century but the father of mass media has only brought us the first book in 1453. Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg (c. 1400 – February 3, 1468) was a German goldsmith and printer, who is credited with inventing movable type printing in Europe (ca. 1450), mechanical printing globally and the Gutenberg Bible, also known as the 42-line bible.

Amazingly, It took humanity almost 400(!) years to make the next jump when Nicéphore Niépce took the first permanent photograph in 1825 and it was just the beginning of the 20th century(!) that marked the point where the change was not only in the emergence of new technologies anymore but also in the frequency of their appearance and speed of adoption.

Nothing to do with mobile billboard vehicles

It was just in 1990 when Tim Berners-Lee wrote “The WorldWideWeb browser” using a NeXT computer and in 1995 when Jeff Bezos launched and Internet came into our lives as commercially available product and things had really started to change fast. So fast that many of us are simply becoming future shocked. So fast that every one older than two years old can actually see how things change significantly right in front their eyes. Just think about how much time were you spending shopping online five years ago and how much you do now and you’ll know how fast.

So, as you must be realizing already where this is heading to, I’ll cut to the chase*: Mobile media has nothing to do with mobile billboard vehicles* and is not just a new kid on the Internet block. Mobile media is more like the next king of mass media world.

Mobile as the 7th of the Mass Media

Did you know there are as many as 3 times mobile phones in the world as there are TV sets? Alan Moore and Tomi Ahonen from SMLXL, a cross-platform communication strategies and campaigns company, claim we have to accept TV is simply no longer “the hostess with the mostess” and produced a whitepaper on Mobile as the 7th of the Mass Media.

If you are interested with Mobile media and would like a free copy of this whitepaper visit What do, Cyworld, the iPhone, blyk, Admob, MyNuMo, Artists first, Moblog UK have in common? They are all part of the 7th Mass Media: Mobile, and leave Alan Moore and Tomi Ahonen a comment asking so.

* Did you know the phrase “cut to the chase” was originated from early silent films often climaxed in chase scenes?

* The above picture (check out the high-res version) shows a different kind of ‘mobile media’ than the one discussed hereby and is kind of a joke, attempting no offense to the picture owners in any way. To help promote Las Vegas’ 100th birthday in April 2005, two of Mobile Billboard trucks were outfitted with mobile billboard ads designed by R&R Partners of Las Vegas. The ads rotated every eight seconds with Gotcha Mobile Media’s Mobile Tri-Ad Technology.


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