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Sex offenders in your area?

Type any address and zip code, and Vision 20/20 system will Identify registered sex offenders living in your area. The system will reveal their location and picture instantly. Find out exactly how they look like, where they live and get to know everything about them including alias names , ID marks, hair color, gender, height, date of birth, weight, race, eye color, offense type and full address.

Vision 20/20 Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of ThinAir Wireless Corporation, a two-way wireless telemetry service provider (TSP) headquartered in Houston Texas. Vision 20/20’s primary focus are children security and teen monitoring, especially when driving, as well as safety of elderly parents and family and community’s welfare.

Other than warning systems for neighborhood sex offenders, Vision 20/20 also provide tracking devices for children and parents status as well as alert systems for hurricanes and government homeland security cautions. The above screenshot, taken using Vision 20/20 online system, shows the locations of four registered sex offenders living around the New York central park. Click the picture or here for a high res version.


One Response to “Sex offenders in your area?”

  1. I visited the site earlier and the idea of keeping track of your teenage children is too much for me. It’s not about safety, it’s spying on them! I would have needed something like this when my father was alive and had Alzheimer’s. Otherwise I find this creepy.

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