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Wikipedia’s list of blogging terms says a blogroll is simply a list of a favorite blogs presented on the sidebar. This may fit the narrow definition but the truth is that having the blogs you read on your side bar is a common practice of social networking and Internet marketing with roots set deep in the art of Search Engine Optimization AKA SEO.

Blogrolling is actually a form of link exchange with the difference that when you put up some other blog on your blogroll it does not mean you should be getting one in return as its done with traditional link exchange, certainly not right away. Usually, if you find yourself in someone’s blogroll it means you have found your way into his mind, and that doesn’t happen over night.

There are many services providing free tools for easier and more efficient blogrolling and some that are quite good. I’ve been using the services of, a Tucows Inc. company supporting multiple blogrolls and RSS, Javascript and OPML export. It’s quite good but as it can sometimes take too long to load I decided to take it out of my side bar and link it from there, leaving just the top few on the bar.

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