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Back with (good) surprises

September 29, 2007

We don’t go out on many vacations and not because we can’t afford ourselves or work don’t allow. When you are lucky as my wife, daughter and myself to have a large house with enough room for separate offices and the perfect job working with Conceptis at your flat 19′ LCD screen you don’t need […]

Puzzles as pain relievers

September 26, 2007

The History of mankind is full of references to our constant craving for painkillers but the history of pain research and modern pain treatment begins in the 1800s. it was only In the 1850’s when Charles Gabriel Pravaz, a French surgeon, and Alexander Wood of Edinburgh independently invented the syringe that Injections of morphine were […]

VideoEgg: overlay video advertising

September 25, 2007

(Ad: Microbounce, Adidas)And while we are on the subject of the mass media world engaging with the new generation of media users, here is some extended information about a company who does just that very successfully and mentioned in my previous post. With approximately 30 million unique viewers each month VideoEgg is a rich-media advertising […]

Google InVideo: The future of advertising. but where are you?

September 25, 2007

Soon after the announcement about integrating video feeds in their news services, Google have practically launched a limited version of their new video advertising format branded Google InVideo designed to be used on YouTube. Starting August 21, clicking on an animated overlay area of a Google InVideo ad in some selected YouTube partner videos, launches […]

Love sells. Rape sells better.

September 24, 2007

All right folks, new design is nice but we are in the business of publishing here so check on this “Photo story” titled Make Love Not War I picked-up today thanks to Cooper from Photographed by Steven Meisel and published by Vogue Italy on this fashion catalog ‘tells the story’ of US soldiers […]

DJ Sara and DJ Ryusei

September 23, 2007

DJ Sara is 8 years old. DJ Ryusei – 5 years old. Picked that amazing clip on Jon Burg’s blog who think these kids “seem to know something about being remarkable that million dollars MBA led brands don’t”. I agree. I think they do. Thanks Jon!

New graphic design and another blog

September 22, 2007

There was simply no other choice, I just hated the way my blog looked. Also, right from the start it was clear that this blog has to be properly designed by Nitsi but time is an “in shortage” resources around here and we, mainly her, just couldn’t find the time to make this happen. Until […]


September 21, 2007

Carmel was diagnosed for Pneumonia yesterday. We are on antibiotics now. I think you can see that in this clip, taken just a few minutes ago.

PeerBox : File sharing goes mobile

September 21, 2007

The first P2P (Peer-to-Peer) generation was based on a client/server principle and a centralized file list. Napster is the most familiar example and one of the first tools any of us ever used for file sharing. But in a way Napster was also the trigger to the second P2P-Generation which was characterized mainly by decentralization. […] released new enhanced profile system

September 20, 2007 has just announced their new website version incorporating an advanced profiling system allowing users more blogging-like features. This is “the first of many cool new features rolling out this year” according to Digg: Digg Images: A dedicated images section (with thumbnails). Still on track to launch in late October. Revamped Comments: No more ajax […]