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Cutting-edge mass media manipulation device

I live in Israel, far away from the great united states of America. Thus I only had the privilege of seeing the Miss Teen USA South Carolina 2007 with Subtitles clip thanks to Cooper. Wonderland or Not is one of the most intelligent appealing and always surprising personal blogs I have ever seen. Cooper is not just another blogger. Her blogging style is fresh and well above the common ground. Cooper is an artist and feminist. She is an Internet poet. Cool and neat.

For this reason, for Cooper being so cool and well aware, read by so many people, I simply had to make this minor comment post on one of her recent articles. The above YouTube clip, uploaded just six days ago, was already viewed 1,754,241 times, got 6040 comments (including mine) and favorited by 3765 users. Actualy, this was the second most popular clip on YouTube this week. In short, people are deadly crazy about it. They think its gorgeous.

For this reason this clip would make a fantastic example of how our male-controlled social system likes taking advantage of natural human weaknesses in its constant effort to “prove” what they always say: that women are generally stupid, that blonds are particularly stupid and that beautiful charming blond women are the dumbest of them all.

Truth is it might just be that this young lady is not of the smartest persons on earth (aren’t most of us?). Maybe she also wasn’t listening to the question very well, which is more than reasonable considering the kind of stress she was into. Furthermore: anyone who spent just a few hours in the darkness of any video editing room know what it can sometime mean to get a single reasonable coherent sentence out of a smart sharp-minded interviewee.

Take ten genius rocket scientists or high-priced hi-tech Israeli engineers, ask them the same question on live TV in front of 10 million people and guess what. You’ll get at least five answers such as the one we got from Miss Teen USA South Carolina. It might even get worse.

This funny “harmless” clip is actually a cutting-edge mass media manipulation device, leveraging the power of the Internet to strengthen existing men-made mythes. None of us like the fact mentioned within the question Miss Teen USA South Carolina was asked but she is certainly not the one who is responsible for American’s not knowing their own map. She is just a pretty girl, probably with an average IQ dose who simply got scared and confused but found herself being a part of the proof blonds are so stupid.

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4 Responses to “Cutting-edge mass media manipulation device”

  1. It’s funny how we see things differently. I did not even pay attention to her beeing blonde 😉
    Having gone that far she also should have experience and training for the situation, rocket scientists do not.
    To me this is just one example of a US citizen who has not even realized that there is life outside US.

  2. Thanks for your comment Leena. It may be true that some Americans are ignorant about anything outside USA. I have heard that before and I don’t argue with that. Nevertheless, she is blond 🙂 and she is also very young… How much “experience and training for the situation” could she have had in her short life? She is just a poor child. Also, note that the question was not about life outside USA but about the reasons for so many Americans not being able to find the USA on the world map.

    The questions actually calls for a swift analysis of the reasons for the education system failing to educate. Not a very simple issue to deal with when you are on Live TV. Have you ever been in a TV studio IN FRONT of the cameras and lighting? No matter how much practice you have a total blackout is always an option.

  3. I do think that the commenter above has it right. My point, and I did respond to your comment at my site a short time ago, was although embarrassing this was hardly a difficult question even for a beauty pageant (under the guise oF scholarship pageant) contestant.

    These girls do this all the time. They are trained for this. I abhor beauty pageants and women putting themselves out there for men to gawk at. I abhor more a system which hold pageants under the guise of scholarship yet put them in gowens and bathing suits to be judged.

    If this give this young woman one moment of thought about such a life then I’m all for it.

    This is America however and she will probably become famous because of it.

    I think we go too far when saying on the male dominated patriarchal media got what they wanted with this.

    I have questioned putting that vid up several times in my head but I think it makes a point.

    I do think that her blip / blop about ASIA Africa and Iraq made it very clear how little many in this country know of other countries. Even where they are or what the difference is between say Africa and Asia.
    I wish it were otherwise.

    You aren’t the only one who felt that way about the video of course there were many who felt the same as you and everyone is entitled to their opinion and I imagine has their own history to blame for there opinion in this case.

  4. I know the question was about the USA citizens not beeing able to place their own country. She just could not imagine that the fault could be in their education system and that is why she started including Africa and Middle-East in her answer.

    Even in Finland all the beauty pageants have a training nowadays. Part of the girls start modelling very young and a girl who has not attended at least one course on modelling has not been seen in beauty contest for years. Well, maybe our history with a Miss Universe in 1952 makes us take beauty contest too seriously. I am not actually a fan of those contests.

    But cooper is right; that girl is ending up famous. I wrote a story in my blog about a similar situation from last year here in Finland.

    Why I reacted to your post was the amazement of a Man criticizing the video as strengthening men-made mythes 🙂
    I am a woman and sometimes very sensitive about those mythes but as you can see I did not include the video in them. If girls want to take advantage of their beauty, I am totally OK with that.

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