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Mochimochi Land: knitting is art

I remember the first I realized how cool, as opposed to their image for some people, quilting and knitting can be. It was in early 2002 when I was helping Dave Green upgrading Conceptis’ website from a brochure to a community driven sphere. As we were looking for good stories to show how our puzzles can be used for other than solving purposes, Dave came up with this amazing quilt based on a Vincent van Gogh picture, made by his mom. This was like finding a golden coin at the beach.

Sadly, knitting is another hyper-creative human craft which was almost destroyed completely by modern industrialism and mass-production living style. Yet, as there is always some good in every bad, our new media world seems to have a say on the subject supporting knitting and quilting as a form of semi-commercial hand made art.

Anna from Mochimochi Land has recently became my favorite knitting blogger. Living and knitting in Manhattan Anna says her blog is meant to “serve as a laboratory for my knitted toys, as well as a space to share inspiration via cute and not-so-cute things”. I think it carries the word of knitting as a form of art. I even showed it to my wife, a high authority for every design aspect who seldom agrees with me about anything, and she agreed immediately. what do you know. I may be right this time.

The “mission” of Rainbow Busters shown above is “to rid the world of all its annoyingly clichéd color”. The piece measures 10.5″ long by 9″ tall; each Buster is about 2.5″ tall. (Baby is 1″.). Check on the mochimochiland blog when you have a moment and in the mood for coolest beautiful knitting art items you have ever seen. There is also an online shop if you get really excited.

P.S. Anna says I was “close” when asking if mochimochi stands for the Japanese expression for hello as I at least had the right language 🙂 If you are curious to know what it means (and what it means to her Mochimochi Land website) check here. The greeting word I was thinking of is “moshimoshi”.


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