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deliGoo : Google meets

What will you get if you put some good people from Google and on a yacht and let them have some drinks together? Perhaps a new hybrid web creature made of Google and my favorite bookmarking/tagging service? I don’t have any knowledge of such a yacht cruise ever occurred but deliGoo seems to be exactly such a hybrid.

You remember saved the link in but don’t remember under which tag and cannot find it whatever you do. You know you can search the description of the link the tag names on system but that’s not helping. deliGoo now allows you to search the text of the page to which the link you have saved is pointing to. There is no way you can do that without deliGoo. It’s like having your own Google.

Another situation has not been answered by the deliGoo guys yet but is claimed to be “in process”. deliGoo say they will soon allow search not only on the user bookmarks but also on a certain tag, used by other users.

I find deliGoo a useful tool and hope for it to develop further. One minor issue: I am not sure if it’s me or them but it seems the engine does not support basic deliGoo syntax such as tag1+tag2. Other than this very small problem, thumbs up!


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