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New graphic design and another blog

There was simply no other choice, I just hated the way my blog looked. Also, right from the start it was clear that this blog has to be properly designed by Nitsi but time is an “in shortage” resources around here and we, mainly her, just couldn’t find the time to make this happen. Until a few days ago when Carmel became ill and overslept one of her noon naps and Nitsi and I managed to spend a few hours with each other.

After spending years at advertising agencies all over the Israel industry, Nitsi gained a lot of experience and knows how to “attack” a brief in no time, not to mention being a true artist with her own (2D ‘vectorized’ style) language, so when no one forces her out of it Nitsi is at her best. We discussed the structure of Individual@Home, the available templates and the type of stuff I am capable of doing with CSS, which is mainly configure existing sets.

The result is what you see around here: a single sidebar two column layout based on Blogcrowds’ Fleur template keeping the white background and incorporating a custom branded header and custom made side bar image titles. Those graphics are standardly linked to their corresponding sources by using target=”_blank” meaning when you click them they will be open in new window so you won’t be thrown away of my main blog.

Following Nitsi’s advice I gave up on some of my side bar information but most of what you know from previous versions is there. I gave up on Blogspot’s proprietary profile module and wrote my own in html. Actually, most of the side bar content is hand-made html (using Eclipse as an editor). Mybloglog community patch is still there of course, keeping its previous high-profile. RSS subscriptions have been custom designed as well as the one from my Digg account. The Twitter badge is still awating its 2 custom bubble backgrounds and links but, hey, this is a blog, not a corporate website. I can do the relaunch and have the finish done later. Come to think of it, I haven’t saw many perfect corporate websites either.

Oh, there was this other result too. It has been a while since I realized I have to start a separate blog to document a more of a personal side in my life, which is actually far more important for me personally than everything you can read here. That would be the relatively large part of day time I get to spend every day with my daughter Carmel, thanks to the life style of both Nitsi and myself working from home.

So, starting this minute, in case you are interested to keep an eye on the more personal aspects of my life visit me at as its now online too. Comments are welcome. Let Nitsi and I know how you like (or dislike…) everything. thanks!


4 Responses to “New graphic design and another blog”

  1. This is really nice. I saw this earlier and I made a right guess about Nitsi’s involvement in this.
    The Carmel&I blog is even nicer 😉
    I already tried to favour it in Technocrati, but you have not claimed it yet.

  2. Thanks for your comment Leena. we have just made a few additional touch-ups! I hope you like them and glad you like Carmel and I too!

  3. Nice and clean … I don’t even have the skills to do something like this – I always end up hacking a wordpress theme to bits 😉

  4. Wow, “Nice and clean” from WebUrbanist is not something we get every day here… thank you very much for your kind words Derami. I am kind of a messy guy myself and tends to “overload” with information as my wife (Nitsi) always say. She is just the other way around. clean and simple.

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