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Will process data for energy

Will process data for energy

This funny photo came from Kevin Burton’s FeedBlog, who found this on with no permalink or attribution. But wait, thanks should also go to onyxstone at who had stumbled this at Kevin Burton’s. Mmmm. How do I even know onyxstone? Its very simple. aivzdog, a 16 year old girl from New Jersey, USA who have recently visited my StumbleUpon blog is a fan of her.

This short intro is just to demonstrate how things are working nowadays: Similar minds share knowledge and ideas making them able to “explode” in a way that was never seen before. It can happen with “small” marginal ideas as the above joke, as well as with the most important ones we can possibly imagine.

Nautilus fractal shape

Yet, no matter the importance of the content the process works the same way, generating sub-networks within the main (“Internet”) network, which then grow and split, fragment and converge and regenerate in what seems to me like a fractal pattern as above Nautilus fractal shape (source: According to some scientists, recent analysis of the latest data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the largest 3D map of the galactic universe, suggests the universe might just be a gigantic fractal. why not also the online universe?

This, in turn, makes further sharing even more efficient and accurate in terms matching to one’s personal taste. If you read my blog, I think chances are you should like this picture. Do you? Feel free to just comment yes or no.

On a side note, I bookmarked Kevin Burton’s FeedBlog in my blogroll as I would like to come back to it and have a better look at it later on. I like CEO blogs and Kevin happens to be the founder and CEO of web crawler Spinn3r and the Tailrank memetracker. Cheers Kevin! I process data for fun, but for energy too 🙂

One Response to “Will process data for energy”

  1. i think its a take on

    that said, the virtual universe is a little more complicated, i think it can actually be estimated as a discrete space ( where every two nodes have either the distance of 0 if they are the same node or 1 if they are different (in terms of ping) .
    Topology is much more exciting than fractals man.

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