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A reporter’s rare look inside Burma

David Jimenez from Spain’s El Mundo newspaper, one of the few foreign reporters to slip into Rangoon, witnessed the junta’s brutal crackdown on monk-led Burmese protesters. (Thanks Cooper)

The military from the 77th Battalion, one of the most ruthless in the country, arrived in trucks along the same path taken minutes earlier by the monks. No matter what they had done before and how much they had repressed their people over the years, I never thought they would shoot at those unarmed civilians confronting them just with their prayers. I heard a first round of shots and I still thought they had to be warning shots. Then I saw an injured demonstrator carried away by his colleagues. His chest was covered in blood.

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2 Responses to “A reporter’s rare look inside Burma”

  1. I was glad to have found that.
    I do hope we all keep vigilant the people of Burma want us to and we need to.

  2. As always, you have the best words for everything, Cooper. Vigilant. that is correct. Eyes should be kept open. at least one of them.

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