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Painting with Number: price just went up

Painting with Number by Sala of is a 60 x 60 cm acrylic on canvas piece of art exploring the limits and essence of new media and digital art in the age of Internet. Showing the number of visitors to the domain Painting with Number will only be painted when it is sold.

Interested? Price, currently at $4,207, is also a dynamic issue here and just went up: Each visitor to Sala’s painting increases not just the number on the final canvas but also the price by one US Dollar. I guess this also makes it a path-breaker in the business of commercializing art. I just wonder how many Dollars will this post earn for the artists by the time the painting will be at the hands of its purchaser. Shipping is included.


2 Responses to “Painting with Number: price just went up”

  1. I think I saw this some time ago. I’m surprised it is still going. I can’t say I really understand it. Maybe I’m just super dense.

  2. I wouldn’t say you are super dense Cooper just because you don’t understand this. Most instances of art creations are usually somewhere in between the two polars of “formalistic” where the form is the main thing on the artist mind, and “conceptual” where the idea or the message is what counts. Naturally when you try to experiment with the borders of ideas you might find yourself coming up with some strange outputs, but then as in art everything is permitted, some people like this game to be played. Guess I am one of those.

    So, even though our friendship is relatively new I already know you are a serious person and I like that about you. But I also know you can be a low density person when its time 🙂 LOL

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