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Criticker: Movies taste better and It’s scientific (kind of)

Mike Powell and Juergen Horn are based in the small fishing village of Killala, in Ireland’s picturesque County Mayo. Other than this they are also fearless entrepreneurs and the creators of Criticker, a film recommendation and community website that matches people who share similar taste in film. By using the Taste Compatibility Index (TCI), Criticker identify with whom you most agree, out of thousands. Claimed to be “much more than just movie recommendations” Criticker’s algorithm pairs you with “the people whose tastes are most compatible with your own, and thus get the most accurate advice possible.”

I have been a heavy user of imdb and Wikipedia for years as far as it concerns to movie references. Yet, both of them are not very suitable in the sense of immediate social interaction and networking. Movie blogs are much better in that. Thus, when I stumbled Criticker I had to give it a chance. registration went pretty easy and after a short few min I was already submitting my first “mini-reviews” aiming to obtain the first 10 required to participate in the Taste Compatibility Index (TCI). I am always interested with ranking and matching algorithms so here are just a few more words about how Criticker’ TCI works:

“The lower the TCI, the greater the tendency to agree on which movies ruled and which sucked. Once you’ve ranked a handful of movies at Criticker, you can generate TCIs with everyone in the community — both normal users and published critics. It’s better than just finding a few people with whom you generally agree — Criticker will show you the exact people whose tastes are the most similar to your own. It’s scientific (kind of)!”

I won’t get into all the details about this matching system, lets just say I think it might work so I am going to give it a try. More detailed explanation and cute demonstration here. Meanwhile I have already put up eight mini-reviews and have two more to go. Following are my seven with the overall grade I have given them: Breathless (100), The Terminator (90) Raiders of the Lost Ark (90), Memento (90), The Lost World: Jurassic Park (90), The Terminal (80) Once Upon a Time in Mexico (80) and The Lion King (70).

I also felt like sharing one of them entirely as it refers to one of my favorite movies of all times and I was looking for a suitable opportunity to put something of it up on this blog. So here it is, my review of the most beautiful love movie ever made, namely Jean-Luc Godard’s À bout de souffle AKA Breathless in English speaking countries:

“Under no circumstances don’t mix this 1960 French New Wave masterpiece – À bout de souffle by Jean-Luc Godard – with the 1983 Richard Gere remake. À bout de souffle changed the face of the cinema in so many aspects it’s hard to think of many others alike. The Jump-Cut, to point one example, was considered as a mistake when this movie was released to the screens. Thus, along with making À bout de souffle Godard had also invented the video clip. Seberg and Belmondo make you want to fall in love.”

My Criticker profile
Criticker blog


One Response to “Criticker: Movies taste better and It’s scientific (kind of)”

  1. I’ll have to check that ut sometime this weekend. I’ve never seen it. I’m fairly lo-tech for someone who is on the internet a lot. It looks interesting.

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