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And while we are on the mashup subject, here is another interesting mashup application named – The Social Music Revolution. With more than ten million page views a day and claiming for the world’s largest social music platform crown, this venture is focused in tracking what you listen to, learning what you like and giving you better music, just as I demonstrated my friends from Criticker do with movies.

Founded by Felix Miller, Martin Stiksel and Richard Jones, are a London-based company. As all interesting and popular web 2.0ventures, has been recently acquired by CBS, and, yes, has an official company blog. Nice.

Thanks go to my StumbleUpon friend petalthinktank, who has been using her as her official homepage, shown in the screenshot above. Too bad I am not so much into music any more. Hardly have time for my late night movies anymore with all this blogging and stumbling and digging and twittering, not to mention being a new father.


4 Responses to “ social your music taste”

  1. I have used for a long time. I even have their widget in my blog. Too bad you did not join. I have found only two friends there, my son and my godson and neither of them has visited since I left them the message to add me as a friend.
    Well, I don’t use it very often either 🙂

  2. Thank you Leena. Well, I guess if I was into listening to music I would also want to share my taste and this would have been nice.

    I also see the last track played on your widget was 24 days ago…??? He he… You always looked to me more of the “small updated pictures of recently solved puzzles” type of person. LOL.

  3. I have to confess something 😉
    I probably have not solved any puzzles either in 24 days, except now when Chie sent me the small puzzles to review.
    My addiction is really serious though. in 24 hours I have solved 29 15×15 PAPs among my other stuff 🙂
    The problem with is that I can’t do anything else with the computer while listening. I should buy a new laptop.

  4. I use it off my desktop I rarely go to the site. I also use “finetune”. Can’t say which I like better but I do listen to a lot of music. Most of
    it comes fro my own computer t hough.

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