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Welcome BlogCatalog. Still love you MyBlogLog.

The requirement of being reviewed and accepted rather than just going through the usual registration process we know from most Internet services is perhaps the most important difference between BlogCatalog and its sibling/rival community MyBlogLog (MBL), both probably the two leading social blog directories on the Internet.

Other differences, at least as I see it, also help to position BlogCatalog in a somewhat higher scale than MBL, allowing it to take this more “daring” attitude: A better looking GUI design and the unlimited number of communities you can join every day in BlogCatalog comparing to a maximum of 15 each day in MBL are just some of them.

So, I am happy to report my avid readers this message from BlogCatalog had just landed in my gmail box a few hours ago, informing me my blog Individual@Home “has been reviewed” and “approved”! what do you say about that? My blog has been reviewed and approved! I feel like its me who have been approved here, not just my blog… my whole personality, technical skills and general knowledge have been approved.

Following are my MBL and BlogCatalog badges, hoping they would work here:

MyBlogLog community

BlogCatalog community

P.S. Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding, don’t get me wrong MBL folks: I LOVE MBL and plan to stay active as much as I was before. It’s just that, as opposed to Woody Allen, I just love exclusive clubs once they accept me 🙂

My BlogCatalog community
My MyBlogLog community


One Response to “Welcome BlogCatalog. Still love you MyBlogLog.”

  1. I signed up for blog catalog two and a half years ago when it was just a listing agent. I personally do not care for it, though I scroll the discussions daily. I am fascinated by bloggers and their obsession with rankings and their spamming to get links.I don’t understand it either.

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