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2007 weblogawards: Vote for Wonderland or Not

One of my top favorite bloggers and best online friends Cooper from Wonderland or Not made it to the final list within the 2007 Weblog Awards Best of the Top 3501 – 5000 Blogs. If you don’t know her blog yet this might be the right time to have a look and read one post. If you don’t fancy her writing get back to me and let me know. IMHO this 22 years old lady is a blogger-poet and surely deserves a much higher category. If you like Cooper’s writing, go to this page and click the button next to Wonderland or Not.

More about The 2007 Weblog Awards:

“The Weblog Awards are the world’s largest blog competition, with over 525,000 votes cast in the 2006 edition for finalists in 45 categories. Nominations for 49 categories ended October 17, 2007 and voting is scheduled to begin November 1, 2007. Final results will be announced November 8, 2007 at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas.”


2 Responses to “2007 weblogawards: Vote for Wonderland or Not”

  1. This is very kind of you, thank you.
    lol, how clever doing the picture thing. That might work. See, it is useful to have others, more astute than, I coming up with clever innovations such as this screen shot.

  2. Astute. I like that word, Cooper. you always manage to come up with one of those 🙂

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