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My Complete Video Blog braintraining is here, and is hot.

The amazing popularity of Nintendo’s Brain Age and its sequel which has been a genuine phenomenon in Japan helped Nintendo DS to “revitalize the Japanese game market.”selling roughly 5.7 million copies in Japan in just over a year. Yet, today, everybody knows already that the recent Japanese braintraining trend already migrated from Japan to the West. The new line of braintraining games on Miniclip, a bunch braintraining websites in Google’s results and of course Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training activities, officially associated with the Nintendo game are just a few of the clues in this logic puzzle. Braintraining is hot.

As my work with Conceptis includes some research and digging for this kind of information on a regular basis, one of the good sides about this the braintraining trend is that, somehow, it helped scientific papers dealing with the the subject to suddenly emerge, or at least float on the surface of the collective knowledge available on the Internet. This whole new line of new scientific documentation prove what we always knew but didn’t have any decent source to quote and support us: Exercising our brains systematically is as important as exercising our bodies and brain training games and puzzles can improve mental capabilities and health in people of any age. It can even help with pain, as already posted on this blog before.

Check out this amazing website at and their official blog, both picked-up in my Conceptis research today. provide individuals, companies and institutions with science-based information and guidance for Brain Health and Fitness. Wow. Sometimes everything goes the difficult path. Sometimes things just tend to sort out on their own. This post was just perfect for me.

Tomorrow you’ll know what for.


3 Responses to “ braintraining is here, and is hot.”

  1. Hello GiL! Thanks for visiting the Magick River blog. Your comment brought me to YOUR blogwhich I’m bookmarking for future reference – lots of state-of-the-art digital tech discussed here and you’re obviously a very good graphic designer! Shalom!

  2. Glad to see you are enjoying our SharpBrains site and blog! thanks for the nice post.

  3. Antares, many thanks for the compliment but they should go to my wife Nitsan who is a professional Art Director. I’ll tel her you like it.

    Alvaro: I am so honored to have you as a guest in my humble blogging corner. I am still new to SharpBrains but I must say it has been quite long since I was not just impressed by ones blogging work, but also found it usefully for my work in such a direct manner. Keep on doing it! Cheers.

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