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Friends who dugg this and Freeze Frame Urban Photography

I admit to have been neglecting my digging activity lately, mainly due to my daughter’s new Varicella-Zoster feature. Yet, today when I checked on my shouts and followed this digg post from my friend suxmonkey (who also runs the WebUrbanist blog), I noticed something has changed and this new cool “friends who dugg this” ajax window was added when you point your mouse on the digg button.

I think this was only brought up in the last couple of days ago. As following the diggs from your friends is one of the best ways to use the internet nowadays so I also think this minor addition is doing very good to Digg’s position as still the leading social bookmarking platform on the web. Even though being criticized for its user-moderation approach as well as various of other varying reasons, Digg is still a fantastic way to explore the web then just searching for stuff at Google.

By the way, if you have come this far on reading this, I also suggest you’d pay a visit to the Incredible Art in Motion: From Freeze Frame Urban Photography to Kinetic Sculpture post from my urban culture friend at WebUrbanist. As explained in the Digg thread and before you scream ‘PHOTOSHOP’ know that the above picture, just as the rest in the post, is of a real living street dancer, taken with a manual camera and was not “shopped” in any way.

Have a Digg account? Mine is here. be me friend.


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