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Social Media to the Power of 7 Squared

Greg Verdino of the Crayon marketing company and of my favorite marketing bloggers gave this presentation today within a PR News Online webinar on social media public relations. Titled “Social Media to the Power of 7 Squared” his part of the event focuses on the “basics of blogger outreach and some simple ways to use social media channels and tools to connect with both influencers and consumers.”

It has been a long time since I posted twice in one day but this presentation and the post that contains it were so nicely edited and simple to understand (especially using this cool widget from slideshare…) that I just had to share it with you folks. Don’t be lazy and follow this link to Greg’s post as there are some very useful links there which relates to the above slides. In case you don’t there is also this pdf annotated version with some speaking notes. Its a 2MB file and comes downloads a bit slow so be patient as it worth the wait.

I particularly liked the following paragraph from the “Commitment, not campaign” slide:

“Any blogger can tell you that the post is just the beginning of a conversation that can and will continue (sometimes for months) through the comments thread. As a PR professional, you need to make sure that you (or your client) stays part of that conversation. Be prepared to comment, address points head on and engage in constructive professional debate with both the bloggers and their readers.”


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  1. Thanks for the kind words. G

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