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Shendoku: Shen Kua style sociable Sudoku project

Shendoku is a “Sociable Sudoku” multi player game of “skills, bluffing and cunning”. The concept for the game originated with an educational project researching the Chinese mathematician, astronomer and inventor Shen Kua and the play reminds the famous Battleships game. According to “the development team decided to put themselves in the shoes of Shen Kua, an avid game player, and try to extrapolate what he would make of SuDoku.”

Shendoku (all right, SHENDOKU™…) is not just an online project but also consisting with some books, some in the production stage and with the first book: SHENDOKU™ (ISBN 978-1-84728-627-7), already available to order from bookshops or at Amazon. The folks from shendoku .com says more books will be made available first through the SHENDOKU™ shop which is not working for some reason at the moment.

Rorohiko (all right, Rorohiko™…) a company specializing in Adobe InDesign® tools are the developers behind the Shendoku™ single player game which apparently use InDesign generators and some “other programs”. Oh yes, Shendoku is still a Beta game and thus only available for evaluation and feedback on the Rorohiko website. It is claimed to be offered soon on Gideon Grinspan’s WebSudoku where you will also be able to purchase eBook games. so in the meantime you can download this free eBook with instructions and a free sample.
Official Shendoku blog at


One Response to “Shendoku: Shen Kua style sociable Sudoku project”

  1. Now we just need multiplayer picture puzzles… 🙂
    PAPs would be even more enjoyable played together. It could be like PAP-scrabble…

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