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Jeremy Mayer: Cyborg robotic figures from disassembled typewriters

I have always been fascinated by robots and even more by Cyborgs so this fellow got my attention in just about two seconds. Living and working in Tahoe City, California in USA, Jeremy Mayer disassembles typewriters and then puts them back together as those amazing full size cyborg robotic figures. He also does that using no soldering, welding or gluing or – for that matter – any formal education and training.

Mayer is actually a rare case of autodidact who in our formal-education driven culture managed to become a “recognized” artist. Thus, his art is constantly exhibited in various solo and group shows, corporate collections and other public spaces. His larger sculptures can take up to 1,200 hours to complete. I met Jeremy through StumbleUpon where he keeps the following stetment on his profile. I thought you should read that too:

“People keep telling me to find a way to make things that take less time and that I can sell more of. Your planet is still so strange to me. What you do IS who you are. Do things because you love to. Share it with your friends. Everything else is waste.”

They don’t get much cooler than you, Jeremy. Cheers on that!


One Response to “Jeremy Mayer: Cyborg robotic figures from disassembled typewriters”

  1. That is very cool.

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