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WebUrbanist launched new design and thank their friends, me included!

What can be better than reading this with your Sunday morning coffee? My favorite urban culturist was just dressed up with a new cleaner look design and some very interesting layout mods such as the Recent Entries, Recent Comments and Most Commented elements at the bottom. A new design is always refreshing when done properly and this one gets my thumbs up for sure, even before I read on to the last paragraph saying:

There are some folks who have helped build WebUrbanist in a variety of ways – too many, really, to count. Here are just a few of the people who have had a role in shaping what the site is today. Mike, Jeff, Kurt and Kris are critical to producing content and maintaining WebUrbanist. Avi, Alex and Shane have continued to inspire the site’s progress. Without technical assistance from John and moral support from people like John, Gil, Skipp, Halil, and K. Stone the site would not be what it is today. Thank you all, and thank you dear readers.

I could hardly believe my own eyes, but there seems to be no mistake here as based on the link this Gil must be me. I guess I must have done some good somehow.

While we are on the subject of doing good it might be a good place to remind you that keeping up a website of a magnitude like takes a lot of $$, so if you wish to help my friends there with the ever-growing costs of maintaining and hosting their venture consider using this particular link (or just click and follow the above picture) to purchase the Graffiti World: Street Art from Five Continents hardcover title this holiday season from


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