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Jay is Games: Casual, Flash and Puzzle game reviews

It was just a while ago when I mentioned how there are many signs that logic puzzles are making their way to mainstream media. It was just until about three years ago that language independent logic puzzles where still an offstream hobby of a few westerns but today they seem to be a legitimate segment within the growing casual game industry. Take Jay is Games for example. Other than running their own IRC server at and channel at #casualgameplay (which show these folks are extremely cool) this website is also ranked within Technorati’s top 5000 destinations and is definitely one of the best casual game reviewers on the web. It might not be the NY Times, but if it’s the latest Flash and or casual game review you are after, user friendly walkthroughs, room escapes, point and clicks or anything else falling into the wide definition of casual games, this site has it.

With tones of puzzle game references and a respected pool of logic puzzle oriented material this bloglike function-rich website is good not just in keeping a hand on the pulse of casual gaming industry as well as very few others do, but in smartly supporting their way up to the crowded green area of public attention. A brilliant “add this game to your website” feature allowing easy embedding action of every game reviewed on the site is just one – actually my favorite – example.

This morning I was informed by an avid Conceptis member about this kindly phrased reference to Conceptis on jayisgames’ recent link dump post. Personally, I already knew there are very few websites out there doing both printable and online number and picture logic puzzles for free as we do them in but having this said by JohnB of is a very nice achievement for anyone in the industry. Much obliged JohnB.

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