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Animusic: video art by computers

October 7, 2007

Can computers make art? Working from home just like your humble servant and mastering his craft for over a decade, programmer, composer and movie director Wayne Lytle think they can. As the main creative force behind Animusic LLC, a 3D animation company producing animated music content founded by Lytle in 1995, initially under the name […]

Interactive Adobe billboard

July 19, 2007

Has Adobe abandoned computer screens in favor of a busy Manhattan street or is the above billboard a new step in the latest Adobe vs. Microsoft battle? According to the NYTimes early morning July 13, Adobe unveiled an “interactive wall of projected animation in Union Square, along the 14th Street side of the Virgin Megastore”. […]

Zoomquilt: collaborative art project

July 5, 2007

Defined by its creators as a “collaborative art project” Zoomquilt is one of the most spectacular collaborative art creations I have ever seen. Technically, the Zoomquilt project is a recursive set of pictures conceptualized and produced by Nikolaus Baumgarten as an online presentation. Similarly to the commonly known effect created by two mirrors placed one […]

The limits of 3d animation

June 11, 2007

The Most Expensive Advertisement U Have Ever SeenClick here for more free videos I just saw this cool 3d animation advertisement from Honda. The poster called it “The Most Expensive Advertisement U Have Ever Seen”. While cost is the less interesting part here i still think it has some interesting say, at least as far […]