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Web Urbanist: the city’s voice

September 11, 2007

Did you know there is a variety of nonvandalistic urban street expression forms such as Light Art and Reverse Graffiti? Are you familiar with Eco-friendly Leave-No-Trace and Urban Expression? Ever heard of Urban Exploration? public space Guerrilla Gardening? Architectural Light Graffiti also known as Projection Bombing…? Urban Exploration: Beginner’s Guide to Adventures in Building […]

Mochimochi Land: knitting is art

September 5, 2007

I remember the first I realized how cool, as opposed to their image for some people, quilting and knitting can be. It was in early 2002 when I was helping Dave Green upgrading Conceptis’ website from a brochure to a community driven sphere. As we were looking for good stories to show how our puzzles […]

Oded Ezer

August 24, 2007

Oded Ezer is an Israeli typographer, type designer and artist. While making his living working as a commercial designer, Ezer also manages to find enough time for experimental typo/art projects, where he explores non-conventional solutions in Hebrew typography. His posters and graphic works have been showcased and published worldwide. The above piece (2004) titled Stami […]

No Woman, No Cry

July 28, 2007

Made famous by Bob Marley and the Wailers, “No Woman, No Cry” was first released in 1974, and became became Marley’s first hit and one of the world most famous reggae songs ever about one year later, released as a single from his album, Live!, which was recorded at the Lyceum in London in 1975. […]

Interactive Adobe billboard

July 19, 2007

Has Adobe abandoned computer screens in favor of a busy Manhattan street or is the above billboard a new step in the latest Adobe vs. Microsoft battle? According to the NYTimes early morning July 13, Adobe unveiled an “interactive wall of projected animation in Union Square, along the 14th Street side of the Virgin Megastore”. […]

Zoomquilt: collaborative art project

July 5, 2007

Defined by its creators as a “collaborative art project” Zoomquilt is one of the most spectacular collaborative art creations I have ever seen. Technically, the Zoomquilt project is a recursive set of pictures conceptualized and produced by Nikolaus Baumgarten as an online presentation. Similarly to the commonly known effect created by two mirrors placed one […]