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Nanc-e: the nannybot

October 11, 2007

Some great laughs we had around the idea of a baby care robot when our daughter was a few months old and some pretty hard nights were passing by. We even had a few prototypes discussed and my younger brother was excited to jump in with a few of his own ideas. I am telling […]

Cold blueish light and spectacular semi-transparent plastic

July 15, 2005

Yep, this is where they put her. The thing i like most about this picture is this cold blueish light along with all this spectacular semi-transparent plastic. It reminds me how far we are from our grandfathers days when a child was born into a world and brought home. If this sounds like a bad […]


July 14, 2005

On July 12, 2005 we became parents. This picture was taken approximately 19 hours after the birth and its actually the first one to show Carmel. You don’t get a very good look at her but you can see from the smile on Neta’s face how happy we all felt. Neta was really out of […]