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Jay is Games: Casual, Flash and Puzzle game reviews

December 5, 2007

It was just a while ago when I mentioned how there are many signs that logic puzzles are making their way to mainstream media. It was just until about three years ago that language independent logic puzzles where still an offstream hobby of a few westerns but today they seem to be a legitimate segment […]

WebUrbanist launched new design and thank their friends, me included!

December 2, 2007

What can be better than reading this with your Sunday morning coffee? My favorite urban culturist was just dressed up with a new cleaner look design and some very interesting layout mods such as the Recent Entries, Recent Comments and Most Commented elements at the bottom. A new design is always refreshing when done properly […]

SweetSecondLife: ranking SecondLife news

November 25, 2007

Sweet Second Life use the SocialRank technology to monitor Second Life sites by analyzing how sites and users link, connect, and discuss each other’s content and determine today’s hottest articles and bloggers in the field. How else could we possibly know, for example, that the crime for President John F. Kennedy’s shooting, has just been […]

Reveal Your Dream: Separation of church and state

November 19, 2007

Thanks to Leena from ConceptisAddict who encouraged me to reveal a personal dream of mine by tagging me for this meme by Neil of the blog titled Reveal Your Dream: A Personal Development Challenge. According to Wikipedia the phrase “separation of church and state” is derived from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson in […]

Social Media to the Power of 7 Squared

November 16, 2007

Greg Verdino of the Crayon marketing company and of my favorite marketing bloggers gave this presentation today within a PR News Online webinar on social media public relations. Titled “Social Media to the Power of 7 Squared” his part of the event focuses on the “basics of blogger outreach and some simple ways to use […]

Mediasnackers age: an unsnacked observation

November 7, 2007

“It’s time to acknowledge that in a truly multimedia environment of 2025, most Americans don’t need to understand more than a hundred or so words at a time, and certainly will never read anything approaching the length of an old-fashioned book. We need a frank reassessment of where long-form literacy itself lies in the spectrum […]

2007 weblogawards: Vote for Wonderland or Not

November 5, 2007

One of my top favorite bloggers and best online friends Cooper from Wonderland or Not made it to the final list within the 2007 Weblog Awards Best of the Top 3501 – 5000 Blogs. If you don’t know her blog yet this might be the right time to have a look and read one post. […]

Welcome BlogCatalog. Still love you MyBlogLog.

October 26, 2007

The requirement of being reviewed and accepted rather than just going through the usual registration process we know from most Internet services is perhaps the most important difference between BlogCatalog and its sibling/rival community MyBlogLog (MBL), both probably the two leading social blog directories on the Internet. Other differences, at least as I see it, […]

BuddyMapping: map-based guestbooks supporting Google Earth

October 17, 2007

In the old days, when there was only Microsoft, software were always closed in the sense of not having an Application User Interface (API) for other developers to have their own software “talking” with them. Then came Google with their very different approach leaving everything open and inviting developers from other companies to join in […]

Free Burma! International Bloggers’ Day for Burma on the 4th of October

October 1, 2007

International bloggers are preparing an action to support the peaceful revolution in Burma aiming to set a sign for freedom and show our sympathy for these people who are fighting their cruel regime without weapons. My fellow Bloggers and myself are planning to refrain from posting to our blogs on Thursday, October 4 and just […]