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The first International Conceptis member gathering

July 14, 2007

Well, it really happened and there is a short video and some pictures to prove it… On the evening July 12, 2007, in our home garden in the small country side village of Kfar Netter, the first International Conceptis member gathering took place. Approximately 20 “Conceptised” workers and website members from Finland and Israel as […]

Lawnmower’s day

July 11, 2007

From Garden It’s Wednesday and I never touch the lawnmower before weekends. Yet, I just realized this evening has to be different. Bummer? not at all. Sometimes hard labor has very good reasons: tomorrow, July 12 2007, 18:30 Israel time, is not only Carmel’s second birthday but also the first International Conceptis gathering involving website […]

Nike play

July 6, 2007

On a hot lazy summer afternoon Carmel and Yonatan were busy water playing at the garden when Carmel discovered my Nike shoes standing there, waiting to be examined.

Netanya beach with Carmel

June 23, 2007

We went to see the sunset at the beach of Netanya yesterday. Carmel already was at the beach twice before but she was a bit to young at the time. I think yesterday was the first time she actually spend time in the water. This short clip shows a few of her first moments, when […]

Signed off at 21:45

June 20, 2007

Carmel signed off at 21:45 on the leaving room couch. It’s been a long day but I managed to have this double-self portrait of the two of us with the internal view of my Motorola. It was just a few min before she fell asleep.

The Baghdad Batteries

June 12, 2007

The earliest known artifacts that may have served as batteries are the Baghdad Batteries, which existed some time between 250 BC and 640 AD. However, it is not known what electrical function they may have served, and if they were in fact batteries at all. Modern batteries provide accurate power source until they drop dead […]

Drawing potty training!!

June 9, 2007

We are deep inside the Toilet training stage. Toilet training (or potty training) is the process of weaning a young child off diapers (or “nappies” in the British Isles and many Commonwealth countries) and training the child to use the toilet for urination and defecation. Wikipedia says Toilet training is usually started and completed between […]

Afternoon break with Carmel

June 4, 2007

Life allows me to spend time with Carmel every day now. what could have been better?

My Deer

May 26, 2007

We invited Natalya and Daniel to go with us visiting “My Deer” – a local farm growing goats – this Saturday. Carmel had a fabulous play with both Daniel and a few very young goats who were trying to eat her trousers. She then took her noon rest earlier than usual and was sound asleep […]

Israeli Shavuot festival 2007

May 24, 2007

This movie was taken at Kefar Netter during last Shavuot holiday