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White labeling social networks

July 26, 2007

Many things have changed in the last few years about almost everything that has to do with advertising and public media attention. Yet, the world is still driven by products, companies and services even though not always commercial ones. Therefore branding remains an essential element of every successful venture. White labeling social networks, making the […]

July 6, 2007

The most popular service of its kind and one of the most interesting web2.0 applications, the website (pronounced as “delicious”) is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. Founded by Joshua Schachter in late 2003, and now part of Yahoo!, allows users to manage and share web bookmarks […]

A Consistency-Preserving Protocol for Distributed Collaborative Model Authoring

June 26, 2007

In recent years, creating a conceptual system model using a formal modeling language has became an inseparable part of the system development lifecycle. As systems’ complexity grows, system models are almost exclusively a result of a collaborative effort of a group of developers, who typically need to work simultaneously. This need calls for an efficient […]

Extreme programming

January 7, 2006

We have been working on Conceptis new website which we call C3 like crazy. When Lior comes over hes stays for days and we make a lot of progress the extreme programming style. We usually work side by side at my office desk but when I have to take a break and spend some time […]