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Apple, Intel, IBM, the big M and Babu: Wheels are in motion

November 5, 2007

Remember Jerry Seinfeld’s The Visa sketch where he promises Babu Bhatt (played by Israeli actor Brian George) that “Wheels are in motion” even though the bottom line is still Babu being kept in Jail? “Jerry: Babu, I’m gonna fix everything! I have a lawyer who knows someone inthe Immigration Department, they’re gonna straighten the whole […]

FaceBook and Microsoft: is it final or is it Google?

October 25, 2007

Rumors about FaceBook negotiating a bitter acquisition bidding war with Microsoft and or Google have been around for quite some time. This morning another step was taken as the company confirmed it is planning “a significant advertising-related announcement” in two weeks, in perfect timing with the AdTech new-media marketing conference: “Facebook has invited some of […]

gPhone goes for advertising and Linux

October 10, 2007

Continuing months of speculations, rumors and global buzz, more details of Google’s secret plan to dominate the mobile phone industry have been revealed by The New York Times yesterday. While Microsoft charges mobile phone companies a licensing fee for their Windows Mobile system, Google goes for advertising. If this is true, and the NY Times […]

Will process data for energy

October 2, 2007

This funny photo came from Kevin Burton’s FeedBlog, who found this on with no permalink or attribution. But wait, thanks should also go to onyxstone at who had stumbled this at Kevin Burton’s. Mmmm. How do I even know onyxstone? Its very simple. aivzdog, a 16 year old girl from New Jersey, USA […]

Social media: fragmentation within the fragmentation

September 4, 2007

Image source: For more than a decade the global mass-media and communications markets have been going through the allegedly contradictory process of convergence and fragmentation at the same time. I remember this interesting phenomena drawn my attention during my journalism studies around 2002. I also remember how hard it was for many of my […]