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Cooking with Pooh: reconsider your title before hitting the road with your masterpiece

December 2, 2007

Titles are important and every blogger knows the feeling of hitting the “publish” button just about two seconds before an unfortunate change of opinion regarding the chosen one. That’s what they invented the “edit post button”, even though your RSS and email subscribers are likely to get the one before the change. When it comes […]

Friends who dugg this and Freeze Frame Urban Photography

November 15, 2007

I admit to have been neglecting my digging activity lately, mainly due to my daughter’s new Varicella-Zoster feature. Yet, today when I checked on my shouts and followed this digg post from my friend suxmonkey (who also runs the WebUrbanist blog), I noticed something has changed and this new cool “friends who dugg this” ajax […] released new enhanced profile system

September 20, 2007 has just announced their new website version incorporating an advanced profiling system allowing users more blogging-like features. This is “the first of many cool new features rolling out this year” according to Digg: Digg Images: A dedicated images section (with thumbnails). Still on track to launch in late October. Revamped Comments: No more ajax […]

Web Urbanist: the city’s voice

September 11, 2007

Did you know there is a variety of nonvandalistic urban street expression forms such as Light Art and Reverse Graffiti? Are you familiar with Eco-friendly Leave-No-Trace and Urban Expression? Ever heard of Urban Exploration? public space Guerrilla Gardening? Architectural Light Graffiti also known as Projection Bombing…? Urban Exploration: Beginner’s Guide to Adventures in Building […] new media and social network hybrid

August 14, 2007

launched just a week ago israelplug is a new media / social network hybrid platform targeted at Israeli innovative minds and readers who are interested with Israeli inventions. On the same day it was launched the new site made its way to Digg’s home page with over 1000 diggs and more than 20,000 visitors arrived […]