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Smart ForTwo: Eurobest 2007 Print Grand Prix Campaign

December 7, 2007

By now, it’s clear that being environment friendly is not enough. Delivering the message properly is also a major requirement. It should therefore not be much of a surprise for anyone that Eurobest’s winning print campaign for the year of 2007 went to Contrapunto – a Spanish advertising agency from Madrid for their innovative Smart […]

Mini Low Carbonfootprint Hanuka Menorah with Superbright leds

December 5, 2007

Of all the somewhat crazy kinda cute but still cool things I saw on shops this Hanuka this electronic soldering kit for 5 mm LED mini-menorahs is my winner for this year. Available for all-affordable $10 you might still have enough time to order one of those low carbonfootprint mini-menorah and save the planet. Available […]

Dubai World Islands: landmarks of ingenuity

November 1, 2007

Following another great article from my favorite urban culturist about Islands and their roles in cultures and literature I was dragged to dig a bit further into the subject of the Dubai World Islands. Watching the accompanied 3D simulation movie I was first under the impression this megalomaniac project is yet in design stages and […]

Southern California wildfires: of the worst fire disasters in Californian history

October 29, 2007

If any of us needed another proof for how real global worming impact is I am sure, as sad as it is, the recent events in southern California might “help” on that. According to france24, a French international news channel broadcasting on a 24/7 basis, it seems that the Californian Firefighters are getting the upper […]

Green IT Initiative of the Year award goes to IBM

October 2, 2007

I just read that IBM was presented with the Green IT Initiative of the Year award at the fifth annual CNET Networks UK Business Technology Awards on Monday, mainly for its Project Big Green initiative, aimed at improving the efficiency of data centers. Urged to improve the extent to which the IT industry is really […]

Great Wall of APEC: Rise of Military Urbanism

September 12, 2007

We all hear and read the horrific news about how everything is getting clearer and more obvious every day now and how things should better be changed if we want any of the plans we have for our children to come true. As we have been up on urbanism issues quite a lot lately (thanks […]

The Skyscraper farmer: food for all

August 31, 2007

Source: popular science Source: popular science According to Popular Science nearly 41 percent of Earth’s land is now used for agriculture, yet we’re on the brink of vast population growth, from 6.7 billion people today to an estimated 9.2 billion by 2050, with the majority living in cities. Dickson Despommier, Professor of Environmental Health Sciences […]

Sex offenders in your area?

August 27, 2007

Type any address and zip code, and Vision 20/20 system will Identify registered sex offenders living in your area. The system will reveal their location and picture instantly. Find out exactly how they look like, where they live and get to know everything about them including alias names , ID marks, hair color, gender, height, […]

Dreamy hidden bay surrounded by cliffs

August 18, 2007

My Skype seems to be green again and the number of other green contacts makes sense. Could it be that the problem was solved for now? I haven’t checked and of its communication features yet. Really don’t feel like doing so. People felt as if they were kidnapped here… for example, not being able to […]

Solel’s world’s largest single solar commitment

July 30, 2007

People always tell me I have my head overloaded with information technology and communications. That should be the place to say that first of all note that these are two different subjects. Things could have been much worse if I only had my head busy with have my head overloaded with information technology or with […]