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My Deer

May 26, 2007

We invited Natalya and Daniel to go with us visiting “My Deer” – a local farm growing goats – this Saturday. Carmel had a fabulous play with both Daniel and a few very young goats who were trying to eat her trousers. She then took her noon rest earlier than usual and was sound asleep […]

Extreme programming

January 7, 2006

We have been working on Conceptis new website which we call C3 like crazy. When Lior comes over hes stays for days and we make a lot of progress the extreme programming style. We usually work side by side at my office desk but when I have to take a break and spend some time […]


June 2, 2005

We are in week 33 right now and things are going pretty well. Lior is staying with us right now and we are working on Conceptis new website. Its also my birthday in two days and we plan to go visit our parents at Haifa. What a great birthday present that growing belly is!

Pregnant. Week 20

March 18, 2005

WE are in week 2o already. I am working for both IDEX and Conceptis now, half a position with each. Nitsi’s pregnancy is going well. We are taking many walks in the neighborhood and enjoying the new experience. I am doing my best to take at least one photo every week. usually there are a […]