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Will process data for energy

October 2, 2007

This funny photo came from Kevin Burton’s FeedBlog, who found this on with no permalink or attribution. But wait, thanks should also go to onyxstone at who had stumbled this at Kevin Burton’s. Mmmm. How do I even know onyxstone? Its very simple. aivzdog, a 16 year old girl from New Jersey, USA […]

The Battle at Kruger: Dinosaur media following new generation giants

September 6, 2007

Makers of The Battle at Kruger, the world’s most famous nature video, announced today they are going back to Africa with the National Geographic Channel to work on a special planned to be aired later this year and tell the behind-the-scenes story about how they came to shoot this spectacular footage. Witnessed by Jason Schlosberg […]

Social media: fragmentation within the fragmentation

September 4, 2007

Image source: For more than a decade the global mass-media and communications markets have been going through the allegedly contradictory process of convergence and fragmentation at the same time. I remember this interesting phenomena drawn my attention during my journalism studies around 2002. I also remember how hard it was for many of my […]