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Sexy Lemon Slam: macro photo set

September 18, 2007

I couldn’t help myself from sharing this set taken at our garden by your humble servant just yesterday. It will soon be the time for our garden citrus fruit to give birth and they look like they are just about to be ready. It was lunch break and the light was perfectly set to the […]

The first International Conceptis member gathering

July 14, 2007

Well, it really happened and there is a short video and some pictures to prove it… On the evening July 12, 2007, in our home garden in the small country side village of Kfar Netter, the first International Conceptis member gathering took place. Approximately 20 “Conceptised” workers and website members from Finland and Israel as […]

Lawnmower’s day

July 11, 2007

From Garden It’s Wednesday and I never touch the lawnmower before weekends. Yet, I just realized this evening has to be different. Bummer? not at all. Sometimes hard labor has very good reasons: tomorrow, July 12 2007, 18:30 Israel time, is not only Carmel’s second birthday but also the first International Conceptis gathering involving website […]

Strelitzia reginae

October 1, 2004

We planted a small Strelitzia reginae in the garden. we got it from my parents who brought a few seeds from one of their vacations at Tenerif. Strelitzia reginae, or Strelitzia, Crane Flower or Bird of Paradise as it also named, is a monocotyledonous flowering plant indigenous to South Africa. Its scientific name commemorates Queen […]

Annona fruits

September 23, 2004

The Annona tree has given fruits. They are so beautiful i can hardly take one off and eat it. This large genus comprises about 100-150 species of mostly Neotropical trees and shrubs with alternate, simple, leathery leaves and most of which have edible fruit. In the family Annonaceae, only Guatteria has more species. A few […]

We moved

March 30, 2003

In early 2003, about two months before this picture was taken, we moved to the new house after getting married in Cyprus. We had no camera so there aren’t many pictures from that beautiful period of time. We were very happy with each other and had a lot to do. The garden looked very empty […]