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A poor editorial decision or a brilliant context satire?

December 8, 2007

Context hidden messages have always been of the most powerful journalistic weapons against most kinds of censorship. Israel has an active by-law military censorship since it was founded and Israeli journalists have been practicing this strategy since that very same day. Whether the nature of the restriction is political, military or commercial, the context in […]

Amazon Kindle: read on the go with a wireless high-res e-paper display

November 26, 2007

Amazon made a big move today with the official release of Kindle – a new wireless portable reader that downloads books, blogs, magazines and newspapers to a high-resolution electronic paper display. Claiming to look and read like real paper even in bright sunlight, this new gadget from the largest book shop on earth is available […]

Mediasnackers age: an unsnacked observation

November 7, 2007

“It’s time to acknowledge that in a truly multimedia environment of 2025, most Americans don’t need to understand more than a hundred or so words at a time, and certainly will never read anything approaching the length of an old-fashioned book. We need a frank reassessment of where long-form literacy itself lies in the spectrum […]

Israel’s airstrike on Syria: imagery clues emerge

October 26, 2007

While we are on the subject of rumors, In our new media enhanced universe it’s really just a question of time until everything is revealed. Even some things USIsrael government rather leave hidden. Thus, the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) website now serves the original DigitalGlobe imagery pdf report of the location where […]

A reporter’s rare look inside Burma

October 7, 2007

David Jimenez from Spain’s El Mundo newspaper, one of the few foreign reporters to slip into Rangoon, witnessed the junta’s brutal crackdown on monk-led Burmese protesters. (Thanks Cooper) The military from the 77th Battalion, one of the most ruthless in the country, arrived in trucks along the same path taken minutes earlier by the monks. […]

Burma: bad guys are winning, but so does citizen journalism

October 6, 2007

White House spokesman Scott Stanzel criticized Myanmar regime on Friday for cutting off Internet access saying “They don’t want the world to see what is going on there”. Yet, even though protests seem to have been successfully forced down by the Junta and number of dead and missing persons might be left unknown forever, pieces […]

Newseum: 250,000-square-foot museum of American news

October 5, 2007

Two days ago, on October 3, 2007, more than 200 American newspaper editors from around the nation put the Newseum’s most ambitious interactive exhibits and films to the test during a behind-the-scenes preview. Yet, for pretty obvious reasons American media giants seem to have liked this venture even priorly to this extraordinary effort. Costing $435 […]

Burma: unknown dead bodies now reported burned at YaeWay Crematorium

October 1, 2007

After decades of brutal dictatorship, the people of Burma are rising up but as the world stand still they are also being brutally murdered in unknown numbers. I just discussed the importance of freedom of press a while ago in my post about Reporters Without Borders and already the cold blooded murder of Photographer Kenji […]

The story of Brad Will: Journalism out-of-service of justice

September 14, 2007

Keeping an understated ton of voice I would say the story of Brad Will is a ‘very disturbing one’ for every blogger as it involves the documented death of a photo journalist while his photographed murderers are still walking free, drinking Mexican beer. They were never arrested just because the journalist they killed was representing […]

Great Wall of APEC: Rise of Military Urbanism

September 12, 2007

We all hear and read the horrific news about how everything is getting clearer and more obvious every day now and how things should better be changed if we want any of the plans we have for our children to come true. As we have been up on urbanism issues quite a lot lately (thanks […]