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Japanese Puzzles by Hands-On Mobile: are Paint-by-Number puzzles going mainstream?

November 27, 2007

Seven years ago when I started collaborating with Dave Green and Conceptis, the company had just this one picture logic puzzle type they called Pic-a-Pix and it only came with black and white pictures. It was year 2000 but in the west no one had a clue what we were talking about when we showed […]

Conceptis puzzles @

July 8, 2007

This short review titled Conceptis – Pic-A-Pix, Link-A-Pix, Fill-A-Pix, Maze-A-Pix, Kakuro and Sudoku was published about a year ago on – a forum and blogs community dedicated to adventure games, riddles and puzzles. Check out the personal blog of rbmagic (seen on left) a 23 years old highly active member (1705 forum posts!) from […]

Math Ninja’s King’s new clothes

July 4, 2007

Two days ago I published this post about a cool young lady from Manhattan who goes by the name of Math Ninja and recently found herself quite and pretty much hooked up on one of the larger Conceptis Color Pic-a-Pix ever published on the Free Weekly Puzzles page. As the first screen shot published by […]

What have they done to Math Ninja!?

July 2, 2007

Today, while wasting my valuable and expensive time reading reflection bits of poor souls lost in cyberspace I found I was not the only one at this line of business (wasting time) as I unveiled this cool Conceptis puzzle fan who goes by the name of Math Ninja and seems to be an avid blogger […]

Pic-a-Pix syndication

January 1, 2006

Pic-a-Pix TutorialThis lively educational program provides a quick and easy way to understand how Pic-a-Pix puzzles should be solved. Using Flashâ„¢ animation, the 88 step movie presents a B&W Pic-a-Pix 15×15 puzzle being solved from beginning to end, one-step at a time. Play Pic-a-PixClick the following puzzle to play Pic-a-Pix function isIE() {return navigator.appName.indexOf(“Microsoft”) != […]