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New virus attacks Skype for Windows users

September 11, 2007

What do you know, Skype are on my news once again, and once again not for very good ones. After the recent service outage last month, Skype now have new computer virus called “w32/Ramex.A” affecting their Windows users. Hey, I am using Skype for Windows myself…! According to an official announcement now published on the […]

Skype: Microsoft patch triggered outage

August 22, 2007

Last Tuesday, August 14, the great Redmond giant released another one of its patch batches claiming to fix (at least) 14 operating system security holes in computers powered by different versions of Windows and MS Office. The updates were pushed to millions of MS users all over the world using the Microsoft’s “Automatic Updates” system. […]

Skype protocol has been cracked

August 18, 2007

The proprietary protocol used by Skype for its voip services has been cracked by Chinese programmers, voip startup Vozin Communications co-founder Charlie Paglee reports on Paglee says on July 12, 2006 – more than a year ago(!) – he received a Skype call from a friend at a company in China telling him he […]

Dreamy hidden bay surrounded by cliffs

August 18, 2007

My Skype seems to be green again and the number of other green contacts makes sense. Could it be that the problem was solved for now? I haven’t checked and of its communication features yet. Really don’t feel like doing so. People felt as if they were kidnapped here… for example, not being able to […]

Skype outage: supernode shortage?

August 18, 2007

If I am not mistaken we are getting close to the 48 hours line of the world major voip service provider failing to provide its service. Remember we are not only talking about (millions of…) ‘free’ users who pay nothing and enjoy the ride. Many Skype users I know have good American money invested in […]

Skype is a problem

August 17, 2007

Someone I know has already convinced me long time ago that being Skype such a dominant player in the global Internet VOIP arena is a major problem that needs to be taken care of by the open source community. Today, when Skype managed to have some kind of significant malfunction making it completely unusable for […]