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Order, Kola and Drums

August 4, 2007

Take a good look at our daughter as she plays with Altman and Zemah during our visit at the farm yesterday for the birthday party of Oz. It’s night. We had a good dinner, lots of SangrĂ­a and the party is almost over but someone just didn’t have enough fun. Timestamp says its 21:12-22:43. The […]

Signed off at 21:45

June 20, 2007

Carmel signed off at 21:45 on the leaving room couch. It’s been a long day but I managed to have this double-self portrait of the two of us with the internal view of my Motorola. It was just a few min before she fell asleep.

The Baghdad Batteries

June 12, 2007

The earliest known artifacts that may have served as batteries are the Baghdad Batteries, which existed some time between 250 BC and 640 AD. However, it is not known what electrical function they may have served, and if they were in fact batteries at all. Modern batteries provide accurate power source until they drop dead […]

Extreme programming

January 7, 2006

We have been working on Conceptis new website which we call C3 like crazy. When Lior comes over hes stays for days and we make a lot of progress the extreme programming style. We usually work side by side at my office desk but when I have to take a break and spend some time […]