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Jay is Games: Casual, Flash and Puzzle game reviews

December 5, 2007

It was just a while ago when I mentioned how there are many signs that logic puzzles are making their way to mainstream media. It was just until about three years ago that language independent logic puzzles where still an offstream hobby of a few westerns but today they seem to be a legitimate segment […]

Japanese Puzzles by Hands-On Mobile: are Paint-by-Number puzzles going mainstream?

November 27, 2007

Seven years ago when I started collaborating with Dave Green and Conceptis, the company had just this one picture logic puzzle type they called Pic-a-Pix and it only came with black and white pictures. It was year 2000 but in the west no one had a clue what we were talking about when we showed […]

Shendoku: Shen Kua style sociable Sudoku project

November 21, 2007

Shendoku is a “Sociable Sudoku” multi player game of “skills, bluffing and cunning”. The concept for the game originated with an educational project researching the Chinese mathematician, astronomer and inventor Shen Kua and the play reminds the famous Battleships game. According to “the development team decided to put themselves in the shoes of Shen […]

Thomas Snyder is the first Sudoku National Champion in USA

October 23, 2007

The the first U.S. Sudoku National Championship was won by Sudoku’s reigning world champion, Thomas Snyder, who completed the “advanced” section in seven minutes, eight seconds – about three minutes ahead of his nearest rival – took home the first prize of $10,000 and granted a spot on the U.S. team at the World Sudoku […]

The Rubik’s Cube is back: 12M cubes going on the shelves this year

October 8, 2007

Japan’s Yu Nakajima won the Rubik’s Cube World Championships on Sunday in Budapest. According to AFP Nakajima averaged 12.46 seconds in arranging a six-sided classic 3×3 cube. The fastest single attempt was a cool 10.88 seconds, pretty close to the world record of 9.86 seconds. Hundreds of competitors from 32 countries took part in the […]

Sex offenders in your area?

August 27, 2007

Type any address and zip code, and Vision 20/20 system will Identify registered sex offenders living in your area. The system will reveal their location and picture instantly. Find out exactly how they look like, where they live and get to know everything about them including alias names , ID marks, hair color, gender, height, […]

My History of Sudoku (数独, sūdoku)

August 1, 2007

Today I discovered my article The history of Sudoku, written and published mid August 2005, is honored as the fifth on Wikipedia’s Sudoku article reference list (‘Galanti, Gil. The History of Sudoku. Retrieved on 2006-10-06’). It means I’ll have to put some more work into it keeping it updated, but at the same time I […]

Harder Sudoku boost sales in global Sudoku market

June 12, 2007

Are your favorite Sudoku magazines too easy to solve leaving you unsatisfied way before the end of the month? If so, you can ask the publishers to add some harder ones, though it’s very likely they are considering to do so already… read more | digg story

Sudokular is a Community for Sudoku Lovers

May 16, 2007 is an online community for sudoku game lovers that has recently launched. Play sudoku online by choosing your game type: the daily challenge or a quick game. Pick the settings you want, depending on your level of expertise, and get going with the sudoku fun. read more | digg story

Original concept for kids Sudoku magazines launched in Germany, Switzerland

March 22, 2007

Rätsel Agentur Schweiz, Conceptis’ exclusive publisher in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, has come up with Kinder Sudoku – an innovative Sudoku magazine concept targeted especially for kids read more | digg story