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YouTube HD Upload Trick – 960×540@6000kbit/s

December 7, 2007

“The same old Sonnenblumen teaser, uploaded with a trick to bypass recompression by the YouTube encoder. It works with Flash video converted by Total Video Converter. Unless you stay below a certain files size and meet a few other criteria, videos with high resolution and high bitrates are accepted without change.”

Video Game Pantomime

December 6, 2007

Hilariously funny. Via random-good-stuff

Vincent Galewick in Africa – Safari Ants

November 26, 2007

Wow… yakki

Killer Whale and Trainer

November 23, 2007

Killer Whale Trainer extraordinary John Hargrove, dazzles the audience with this incredible performance.

Brothers (Hong Kong 2007)

November 22, 2007

Country: Hong Kong Production Company: Beijing Poly-bona Film Publishing Co. Ltd., China Film Co-Production Corporation, Focus Films Genre: Action/ Drama Director: Chiu Sung Kee Starring: Michael Miu, Eason Chan, Crystal Huang, Andy Lau, Wang Zhi Wen, Felix Wong, Ken Tong, Lam Ka Tung, Henry Fong, Elaine Jin, Lam Suet, Teddy Lin Length: 100 mins Date […]

Unnecessary Censorship

November 21, 2007

Unnecessary Censorship #147 Jimmy Kimmel Live 11-2-07

Jocelyn Hsu: an ACTORSandCREW featured reel

November 15, 2007

New ACTORSandCREW Mars sci-fi promo clip from California-based Director/Producer Jocelyn Hsu. I LOVE Mars sci-fi.

Cool 360° Light Field Display hologram

November 13, 2007

A set of rendering techniques for an autostereoscopic light field display able to present interactive 3D graphics to multiple simultaneous viewers 360 degrees around the display. The display consists of a high-speed video projector, a spinning mirror covered by a holographic diffuser, and FPGA circuitry to decode specially rendered DVI video signals.

Create a High-Def speaker for under a buck

November 10, 2007

In this episode from HouseholdHacker you can see how to create a High Definition Speaker using household items. You need the following: 1. Paper plate 2. Clear tape 3. Penny 4. Mini Jack audio cable

David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises (Trailer)

November 9, 2007

Eastern Promises A drama and thriller feature film directed by David Cronenberg written by Steve Knight, whose previous credits include Stephen Frears’ Dirty Pretty Things. Adam Nayman of Eye Weekly reported that director David Cronenberg said “Just don’t give the plot away” and Nayman wrote “His request is understandable.” Nayman said, “There is one scene […]